Do mass gainers work

Though the usage of these supplements is growing, still there is a popular question about it, do mass gainers work really! There are a lot of things to discuss while answering this simple question as that working activities depend on a lot of things. This article will, therefore, help you to identify whether usage of mass gainers are useful or it’s a simple media fuss.

What is the mass gainer in brief ?

Often people want to know what is mass gainer really is! Basically, it is supplement powder, more precisely protein powder. You can get average 1000 calories per serving from a typical mass gainer!

do mass gainer work

What do mass gainers do!


Mask gainers work to improve body weight. There are two ways it can be done. One is by gaining muscle mass and another is by gaining fat. The latter one is something you never want to experience. But often people get that fat along with protein as they don’t exercise in time. So before start consuming mass gainers it is always good to know what do mass gainers do, otherwise, you might bring unwanted scenarios in front.


Do mass gainers work!

This is the biggest question. Do mass gainers work in real? The answer is quite subjective as someone can answer it in a single line. Drinking supplement will work for definite, and someone can gain five to ten pounds of weight in first few weeks even if he doesn’t care about any other norms of using mass gainers. But that might be the end. Many people ended up with a bitter experience that mass gainers don’t work after a couple of months of usage. This is because of the metabolism system a person adheres with.

There are people you can find those having high metabolic rate and therefore, their body burns calorie in a faster way. This is why you cannot say this certain amount of external calorie injection will make someone stable and that person will start to gain weight. It depends on of an individual man. But what is common for all, if someone do exercise and drink the mass gaining supplement in time within a tolerable consumption rate, it will definitely work him.

using mass gainers

Do Mass Gainers Make You FAT!


If you ask me do mass gainers make you fat, I would rather say, the things not like this. There is propaganda against mass gainers that it is not that effective, and even if it becomes effective, it accumulates fat. But it is not right if someone do exercises regularly. But in case you want to earn fat weight instead of muscle mass without exercising, it is still possible. But no conscious people want that.


Mass gainer or whey protein for skinny guys!


There might be doubt in your mind about the effectiveness about the mass gainers. This doubt may become more widened while the situation is to select mass gainer or whey protein for skinny guys. Other than professional you can find many other people using mass gainers for gaining weight, especially those having lean muscles. It is really a good way to gain weight and mass gainers are working pretty well for them. This is the overall reflection considering the skinny people around the world. But whey protein is not so popular in gaining weight for skinny peoples. For teenagers, mass gainers are really a good way to start improving body weight. Whey protein is not the best option for them.


Can I take whey protein and mass gainer!

The people that want to gain weight often ask ‘can I take whey protein and mass gainer’. There are certain things to know while making an answer of it. In Whey, you can get a very low percentage of carbs. Besides the amount of fat will be low too! But the percentage of protein you will get from it is very high that is around eighty percent! In a mass gainer, you will get all those things that you can get in whey protein. But the percentage of protein is much fewer in this formation. It is possible to get around 30 percent proteins in a typical mass gainer, and highest it can be around 35 percent. Rest part of the formation is filled with cabs & fibers.But it is possible to take these both and many studies have emitted evidence that it works like a combo.


Conclusion what do mass gainers do

Now we are at the end of the article as we covered key areas to identify ‘do mass gainers work or not’. It can be said, mass gainers work, again one might refute the claim showing some other evidence and that will not be a fallacy. But you can find many people getting positive results after they have started using conventional mass gainers from good manufacturers. So once you are on the course of selecting a mass gaining supplement, don’t forget to diagnose your body condition and the regular life habit of you.