Difference between whey protein and mass gainer

For gaining body weight there are many options available as mass gaining supplements and whey proteins. You can find the difference between whey protein and mass gainer. Both of this form has carbs, fats, and proteins but in different proportion. This article will pour its lights over those areas.

mass gainer vs whey protein

Key difference between these two

If you want to know the key differences amid of these two, this paragraph can guide you a bit. In Whey, you can get a very low percentage of carbs. Besides the amount of fat will be low too! But the percentage of protein you will get from it is very high that is around eighty percent!

In a mass gainer, you will get all those things that you can get in whey protein. But the percentage of protein is much fewer in this formation. It is possible to get around 30 percent proteins in a typical mass gainer, and highest it can be around 35 percent. Rest part of the formation is filled with cabs & fibers.



Mass gainer vs  Whey protein


In this part, I’m going to show you a good contract between whey protein and mass gaining supplements. It will be a written chart of mass gainer vs. whey protein.

  • Whey protein is globally popular as a post workout supplement. A mass gainer is not reputed as a post workout supplement. Though you will find the similar usage, it is not that popular and not widely recommended.
  • The percentage of protein is higher in whey protein. But it is relatively lower in mass gaining supplements. Doesn’t matter whichever mass gaining supplements you purchase you will get a significantly lower amount of proteins.
  • For providing the instant protein to the muscles whey protein is used and suggested. In that way, a person can recover the strength quickly after the workout session. This is the main purpose of using whey protein. But mass gainers are often used by athletes to receive improved performance by gaining more body weight.
  • Though mass gainer has only 35 percent of protein, rest part are filled with carbs & fats. You can get these two ingredients in whey protein too. In a typical mass gainer, the percentage of carbs is high wherein whey protein supplement, you cannot get that amount of carbs in percentage. But in both formations, the amount of fat is almost the same. Usually, fat percentage keeps as low as 5 percent in both forms.
  • You can get additional things like BCAA, creatine, vitamins, minerals etc. in whey protein supplement. But in mass gainers, you might not get such diverse things in a bottle.
  • If you take mass gainer it will be possible to receive at least 350 grams of calorie every day with your regular diet. You can receive 500 grams too in case of necessity. This is really something significant that can offer you a quick result. But whey protein will not offer you that.
  • The working procedure of whey protein is faster in the case of protein recovery to the muscles after the working out session. But whey proteins are not a faster performer other than this issue. In contrast, mass gainers are faster in action by all means, and this is why athletes used it to gain weight fast.
  • Other than professional you can find many other people using mass gainers for gaining weight, especially those having lean muscles. It is really a good way to gain weight and mass gainers are working pretty well for them. This is the overall reflection considering the skinny people around the world. But whey protein is not so popular in gaining weight for skinny peoples. gaining weight for skinny peoples
  • For teenagers, mass gainers are really a good way to start improving body weight. Whey protein is not the best option for them. But for the people above forty, whey protein is much popular than typical mass gainers. Getting glutamine is possible from whey protein. Not all mass gainer will offer you that.
  • You can get many non-professional usages of mass gainers as it is getting more popular every day. Non professional usage of whey protein is lower in percentage. One reason might be the price as whey protein is comparatively higher in price comparing to the mass gaining supplements.



For different kind of necessities, people tend of taking these two types of things as they know there is difference between whey protein and mass gainer. So in case you want to take that, talk with your doctor or to an expert. You can find many people using this both and that is working quite good for them. This is actually a matter of understanding what to pick and how to pick in between them. Besides, to take these two forms at a time, it is always good to be prescribed by someone who has well-versed knowledge about the usage.