Best Running Shoes for Women with Wide Feet – Top 7

An E, EE width with your feet in a world where the standard is a C width is plain annoying at all times. And not all wide foot problems are the same. Some people have high insteps, bunions, someone has flat and high arch,some have the combination of these problems. Different brands tend to be different widths and have different arch heights. There’s no a universal best pair of shoes. Depends on your foot structure and your age, we highly recommend 7 best running shoes for women with wide feet. They are :


  • Altra Women’s One 2.5 Running Shoe
  • ASICS Women’s GEL-Sendai 2 Running Shoe
  • Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 Running Shoe
  • New Balance Women’s 1980 Fresh Foam Zante Running Shoe


Best Running Shoes for Women with Wide Feet 2016 on the market


Altra Women’s One 2.5 Running Shoe

If you have wide feet and prefer a simple shoe with minimal features, the Altra One 2.5 is one of the best options. The upper is designed with a quick-drying air mesh. It’s extremely light and breathes well. This shoe uses the single density of the foam, but there is quite a bit of shape to the midsole.

best running shoes for women with wide feet - 1

best running shoes for women with wide feet -Altra Women’s One 2.5

The shoe is the classic Altra shape, follows the outline of the human foot better than other makes. A FootShape toe box lets your toes relax and move freely for incredible comfort and a more powerful toe-off.


What We like

  • Altras (One 2.5) have  the perfect amount of flex . Wide feet women can wear them very comfortable for both walking and run.
  •  They are zero drop and extremely lightweight,which make an excellent fit and feel like we’re running on air. With the wide toe area, it gives our feet the freedom of walking in our bare feet.
  • Altras (One 2.5) are wider than most brand so they allow plenty of room for the balls of our feet and toe for wide feet womens.We will don’t have toe cramping, toe banging at the top of shoes.
  • They don’t cause the balls of our flat feet to go numb or get hot and our big feet won’t ever sweat again. Finally Altras (One 2.5) with a roomy toe box that allows our big toes to spread out and breathe. They’re a great shoe for walking or running for women.


What we don’t lile :


  • They have little long lace and top of the shoe doesn’t provide much support as few Amazon customer comment. It is a reason our toes slide forward and hit the front of the when we are going downhill.
  • Because of  Altras (One 2.5) are zero drop  ,they are little thin and we sometimes could feel warm  when we are running in hot weather.
  • General, toe box is NOT as wide as previous version The new One 2.0


Small Tip

  • We should order a half size larger for running activity than we normally order and try them on in person  first.
  • The new One 2.5 have  more  new color would be perfect.
  • We would consider this to be an everyday trainer for mid-distance racing ( around 10Km to Half Marathons).


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Another Altra Women’s One  Running Shoe you can find here


ASICS Women’s GEL-Sendai 2 Running Shoe

For women with a wide flat feet, GEL-Sendai 2 is another great option. GEL-Sendai 2 has a 10mm drop with breathable mesh upper offers maximum ventilation. Rearfoot and forefoot Gel Cushioning for shock absorption is suitable for everyone from mild under pronators to moderate overpronators that will take your running to a whole new level, help to enhance comfort and deliver an efficient stride. GEL-Sendai have a lightning fast design, bright color and Weight 10.4 oz for women’s size 7.

Best running shoes for wide feet womens ASICS Sendai 2

Best running shoes for women with wide feet – ASICS Sendai 2

What we like:

  • These sneakers bend at the toe it makes very stable, less stressful to lower extremities and won’t make ankles roll.
  • GEL-Sendai 2 is a good select for flat feet in the category for under pronation to neutral. Wider than expected that fit and feel perfect. The toe box has ample enough space for wide feet.
  • Gel type soles the wider front and laces up help lift in the heel that makes our shoe has the best stability and fit our foot better.
  • If we have back and knee problems in our flat feet ,this sneaker will have the best choice. We can go longer time and distance with no foot problems. GEL-Sendai fit well and high arch, models gel will have good support without orthotics.
  • It is the best for running, working out in the gym ,and long hard workouts.


What we don’t like:


  • The color is not as picture. It is a dark hot pink color than real. They are more bright pink than the picture leads on.
  • The toe is a bit long with normal feet.
  • These are a bit expensive but most definitely worth for spending the money.


Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 Running Shoe


Here’s another best option for women looking a large roomy in the toe box. Ghost 8 have a fairly wide fit in the ball of the foot and a normal fit in the heel. We can run longer without cutting off circulation or having slippage.

Best running shoes for wide feet womens - Brooks Ghost 8 Shoe

Best running shoes for wide feet womens – Brooks Ghost 8 Shoe

Either way, Brooks 8 is an amazing brand with many different shoes made for all different types of feet so they are worth for the money.


What we like

  • These shoes have excellent  ankle support for women having problems with high arches, plantar fasciitis and under pronation.
  • These shoes have a  thick removable insole around the ball of the foot which makes your running much more comfortable. Laces are threaded through the tongue and keep the tongue in place. The upper of this shoe have a sweat-wicking mesh that keeps our foot dry on the longer runs.
  • Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 includes the seamless overlays that make keep our wide feet feel comfortable and less of a chance of rubbing.
  • These shoes are very nice for summer and autumn seasons with true colors in online photos.They come in many bright vibrant colors to those dull days.


What we don’t like

  • With weighting at 8.8oz,  the Ghost 8 is not a for speed sessions It is a solid shoe built for those long miles on the road. when we pick up speed in this shoe, it feels like our feed is being weighed down.
  • A slightly expensive running shoe.
  • Run smaller than Ghost 7


Small Tip

  • For women have narrow feet, wearing thicker socks is a measure due to Brooks maybe slightly larger in true size.
  • Running shoes are meant to be larger due to foot swelling, so we are better to purchase 1/2 up the size .
  • Ghost 8 is recommended  for long running, half-marathon training or dog walking.

New Balance Women’s 1980 Fresh Foam Zante Running Shoe

If we want to find want a lighter, firmer shoe that provides a smooth ride with good responsiveness, New Balance Women’s 1980 Fresh Foam Zante Running Shoe is a good choice. It would easily double as a racing shoe and provides enough cushioning to be a decent training shoe.

Best running shoes for wide feet womens - New Balance

Best running shoes for wide feet womens – New Balance



What we like


  • These shoes are the best in color flow. They have many beautiful colors and make us excited to work out.
  • If we have a wide foot, New Balance have  lots of room for our toes and our high arches are supported for the balls of our feet, Insole is a relatively firm piece of perforated foam  and they work fine with the built-in arch.
  • The sleeve extends to the heel area, joining the soft collar mesh. Their cushioning held up on the surface where we run but durable, and no bulk The fresh foam make a comfort for our runs and the mesh is very breathable. If you are looking for serious cushioning that won’t leave your feet and lower leg scrambling to stabilize, this is your shoe. I have used them for jogging, circuit training, lifting weights ,work in a factory.
  • Side logos shaped in “N” are fully functional reflective , and topped by ones on the tongue loop, heel, and toe tip. The N symbol is particularly conspicuous in the dark.
  • Very lightweight helped us run faster than usual.


What we don’t like


  • Because of they are very well ventilated ,winter might not exactly be a good time for these shoes.
  •  The laces are firmly long, which means that the aglets slap around during runs.
  • As some review of Amazon customer, we better order 0.5 – 1 full size up.




So, there you go! The top 7 best running shoes for women with wide feet. These shoes are not only guaranteed to give you the best running, but they also ensure the safety of your golden feet.
If you have free time, go to a running store in your area where they can analyze your pronation and you can test the shoes. Then next time you know what brand shoes you want to look for and can buy online.
When you find different shoes that work best for you, let me know in the comments!

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